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Path to Peace

Our Mission Statement.
We are here to provide a Fun and Exciting Experience of Loving Existence in Harmony with Nature.


We have divided our project in four major areas.

1)  Path to Peace Mountain Retreat

We provide gardens and paths to reconnect our spirit with nature.
We are having classes on Manifesting, Meditation, Healing, Medicinal Herbs and Gardening, Yoga, and discussions about the Path to Peace.

2)  Stone Lodge in The Woods

Natural hardwoods a stream and pond to fish, practice survival skills, Hunt and Camp.
Hike, Collect natural herbs and plants, and observe wildlife from the hidden observatory. Explore the hidden cabin and look for Sapphires in the stream.

3)  Organic Farm and Permaculture Food Forest

On five acres we are providing a renewable food source that is Organic, Humane and Sustainable, Off Grid and Green.
Our farm will grow non GMO vegetables, Talapia, Prawns, Chickens, Pigs, Goats, and Rabbits.
It is expected we can produce enough food to feed the entire city of Spencer on this small plot of land.
We hold classes on renewable food supply, Food Forest design and construction, humane animal husbandry, compost and bio fuel, and provide an intern program to help the world learn to heal.

4)  Mountain Meadow

This is a gathering place for Artists and Musicians, combined with a fitness trail and Spa.

There will be cabins for visitors to stay in and area to park a camper or pitch a tent.
The amphitheater placed on a hill with grassy areas to relax and a dance area up front. We will feature local artists and visitors who just want to jam and celebrate the music.


Please note, We need your help in order to complete this massive project.

Much of what you will see here is in progress or planning.

I will be posting a progress blog for each part of the project. Your support helps us grow at a much faster rate. Thank you for your support.

We need your time, some materials and what ever money you can share.